Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Three Fourths How? Good thinking!!!!

This year I gave each of my students a composition book filled with graph paper.  They are kept in bins in the classroom, and at least weekly, we use them for some interesting critical thinking problems.  The first I gave them was to depict the amount 3/4 in as many ways as they could... using words, numbers, pictures, music, design, whatever they could come up with.  I told them I expected at least five ideas per student.  We got great stuff!!!  3/4 Time in music, 3 quarters taped to the page, 3/4 pizza, 3/4 as equivalent fractions... We shared in groups, and then with the whole class.  I then challenged the students to bring in another creative way to show 3/4 the next day as extra credit on the first test.
Here are some of the interesting ideas I received.

"Three Fourth Awakens" with 3/4 Darth Vader's face
"3/4 a Bearded Dragon's Shed Skin"

"3/4 the way there"

"3/4 the Cranes are Green"

"3/4 the Gloves are Pink"